Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Smock/Pinafore

I had posted that I was going to make this smock. After spending time looking at the instructions I realized that the apron part didn't go all the way around, it was only in the front. I wanted more of a pinafore. So I spent some times and figured it out. Three pinafores later I am really happy with the final product and will be making a lot more of these.

Emma is wearing this one over her jammies. She is loving them! So am I and I think I'll have to make one for myself for an apron. Or for pretending I'm a chubby version of Caroline Ingalls.

There are three buttons in the back so she'll be able to grow into it. I was suprised when I put it on her and she was already on the second button.. good thing my kids grow slowly ;)

What a good way to use a pillowcase!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

It's very pretty.
I love having a flirty apron. Let me know if you make some, I'm always in the market for a cute one.