Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well I realize that I'm deffinately not a photographer and I do not have a photographer worthy camera. But I've still been trying to take a lot of pictures of my children to share... wether they are great to look at or not. Last night we let the kids stay up with us to watch and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. My children love this show, like Mr.SuperFantastic and I, and I usually spend most of it crying and making Mr.SuperFantastic laugh. We had popcorn and Joe is a bit of a popcorn hog! So he got his own bucket.

Don't you just love Ephrim's shorts.. they're pretty much the closest things I've seen to Jersey speedo's. He looks so stinkin' funny and cute in them and he wears all the time for bed. I love little kids little bodies and how sweet and squishy and cuddley they are!

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Mrs. Wilson said...

I LOVE that show!!! And I cry sometimes too :)