Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The name game.

I have to bribe my husband to look at name books.

If it were up to him we would pick a name by the legally apointed limit and that would be good enough. I do not want my baby to be anounced in church as "Baby Wiebe #5" I know that's what Reuban would say.

So Dalen looked in a name book last night. We've got a girl name but we needed a boy name, especially since I dreamed the baby was a boy two nights ago. I also dreamed that my nurse was a dinosaur, she was really sweet, for a dinosaur?

So we've narrowed it down to two names. Of course I can't tell you because my husband is a meanie. But you can feel free to guess and if someone gets it right you'll get a huge amount of credit and bragging rights when the baby is born. And I'll tell the names we didn't use as well.

Have fun!
Oh, and here's some Ephrim cuteness for your day!


Jenny said...

Jack for a boy.
Sarah for a girl.

Mrs. Wilson said...

One of my favorite things about a baby being born is hearing the name. I have some strange attachment to it.

Noah and I take FOREVER to agree on names - I'm glad you two have agreed on a couple!!