Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching up and finishing off.

Here are the birds that we made. I linked to the tutorial in this post. I decided that I didn't like the birds that were in the tutorial so I copied Robin's. The two older kids had a lot of fun with these too.
I found these grape vine garlands for under two dollars each at Creative Zone. If I could have I would have bought them all for my gift drawer. they are adorning my front porch. Right now they are the only thing adorning my front porch other than my scarlet cord. More on that later.

So this is the soup that we made with the noodles. It was delicious! The noodles were incredible too. I used oat and whole wheat flour for them and cooked them in beef broth from our pot roast last night. I added leftover beef and veggies from the meal as well. I needed to add more water and some chicken boullion for a little more flavour. Delish! The noodles were very very fast and easy to make!

Here is Noah helping me out. Noah and I became buddies a bit today. I have realized that when it comes to kids you can't wait for them to decide to like you. You have to just like them and not give them the choice. Noah had a moment today and was very upset. I just held his little face in my hands and gave him a kiss. Then he liked me :)
And now for a baby update.
I had a Doctor's appointment today. He checked me. I'm 1 cm. The baby is very low. I think that most people are 1 cm. I have been very okay with being overdue because I've always been overdue, but tonight my hips are hurting a lot and my children are getting so anxious to have this baby here, that I'm feeling a little impatient. I would appreciate your prayers. I'm okay right now but it's been a lot more uncomfortable to even sit and nearly impossible to walk at times tonight.
Starla folded Mt.Laundry.
There's nothing more to say about that is there?
You all love her so much more now don't you?
Don't you wish you had a Starla?
Too bad, she's mine! ;)

Well I am going to catch up on some blogs, have a bath and tidy my bedroom until I'm too tired to tidy anymore. I was up until 1:00 last night baking and cleaning up from baking and I'm really feeling it right now. I think it's time for an earlyish night.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way yours turned out, the feet look so much cuter than mine!!!
I'm going to make some to mail as Happy Spring prizes to a few of my peeps and I'll try to make the little legs look like yours!!!
Happy Saturday..
(It's pouring rain here and that soup looks so yumalicious!)