Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As promised

So just in case you didn't know I have side blog. It's not a huge side blog but it's there. I posted in it last night that I would be posting some pictures of things that I've been making. Here they are. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my dishes until they were done. But I am very proud to say I did not come on the computer until they were all done. Dalen will be pleased ;)

My mom was getting rid of a bunch of clothes to the Sally Ann so I went through them all first and took out things that I thought I could make stuff out of. This outfit is made from a wrap skirt and a jersey dress shirt thingy. None of the things that I make are perfect but I still really like it. Thankfully most of the imperfections are in the back of it ;)

Some pants made from a shirt. There is also a matching beanie pictured below.I like Beanies and they are a good way to use up short sleeves on a shirt.

These little pants are such a great fabric, they're made from a really nice dress. There is deffinately a matching pinafore in the future for these gems.
Speaking of Pinafores... here's one. I absolutely love this, especially since it has a chicken on it and I love chickens!!!


Christy said...

I love the Pinafore with the chicken on it! So cute!!!!!

Jaclyn said...

Im lovin the chicken pinafore as well! You know my Birthday is coming in a week eh? ;)
Totally joking! How about you just have a baby on the 5th instead!

Sarena said...

I would love to have a baby on your birthday! Then I wouldn't forget it! HAHA! It's not enough that Emma's birthday is the day after I still forget.. You just don't talk about it for months before like I do ;)

Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh my - I LOVE that dress. REALLY REALLY REALLY love it.

Serena said...

I love your kitchen.

Awesome job with the 'upcylcing'! I love everthing, but I think the chicken pinafore is my favorite!