Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And we have molars.

I just have to say that Joe looks a lot like Pastor Bond in this picture. I think it's the hair. Either that or Pastor Bond complains a lot. Or points?

Joe has been extra specially happy the last few days. Today I discovered he has two molars coming in. I hope they come quickly and are out by the time Baby Wiebe arrives.
And for those of you (all five of you who read this blog) who were dissapointed that you didn't get to see my dirty dishes, here are some more for you. Emma is emptying the dishwasher with Joe's help. You have to be fast when Joe is helping and careful not to drop knives on his big toe. yeah, that was a few day ago. Thankfully I did not procrastinate any longer and the dishes are all done. I just have to make some spaghetti and cream gravy for Dalen's dinner and the kids and I will be enjoying cheesey pizza bread with grapes for supper. I'm going very simple lately. At least it's all from scratch!

And yes Joe is holding a light sabre. Well it's a mini version that Adon made for him. He loves to whack people on the head with it sword fight :)


Jadekitty said...

I didn't realize you were so close to your due date!! I love the photo of Joe :)

The Gjerstad Family said...

Hi Sarena-

I just found your blog after seeing that you follow mine. I LOVE the idea of making clothes out of unwanted clothes! I never thought of that what a great idea! Your stuff turned out so good! Your little/big family looks like ours did a few years ago when we had kids that age.

Gjerstads in Liberia