Saturday, February 09, 2008

Buster's newest items

So since my baby doesn't want to come out, I've been pretty bored. House is clean, laundry is running steady and I'm out of ideas. Sure I could do Adon's school portfolio that HAS to be sent on Monday, but that would be boring, much funner last minute! So here is what I've been doing.

The newest pair of booties, still messed up on them, but FAR better than the rabbit fur fiasco!

I just want him to come out so I can put all these tiny little things on him!

This is a reversible kimono jacket. The pattern fabric is flannel. It's a prototype so it not perfect but with a cute Wiebe boy in it I doubt anyone will notice ;)

Ephrim really liked the jacket... apparently I'll have to do some sewing for the other children :)


Jaclyn said...

OK Jon and I both burst out laughing when we seen Ephrim! He is such a goof in the best possible way!!! Oh I love his personality.

Jenny said...

That's an adorable pic of Ephrim. You're a talented seamstress!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Wow, you're quite talented!

Tamara said...

That jacket is soo cute :)

DaRcI said...

Wow! I can't believe you are due already.. So excited for you. Everything you have created is amazing.