Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well for those of you who are wondering, there is still no baby Buster! He is a very contented little guy in there and just doesn't want to come out. Sherry (a nurse at the hospital) says he knows what the weather is like and he's too smart to come out now. If that's the case, he should be here today (it's warming up).

I had my membranes swept again yesterday and man was that just wonderful (sarcasm) I was having fairly regualr, but not really painful contractions last night but this morning... nadda! It's really okay, I don't feel like I'm suffering with my overdueness. This is pretty much a given for me and I really do a lot to prepare myself mentally. I know though that when Valentine's comes and goes and there is no baby (if) then I will begin to struggle. Valentine's has been my mental due date all along.

Dr. Almas wants to break my water tomorrow morning when I go in. I'm not into it, but didn't have time to talk to her yesterday as she was in a hurry to get to the OR. So I will just get her to sweep my membranes again tomorrow morning and beg her to give me until Monday to have the baby before we break my waters. I will be 42 weeks on Monday and at that point if the breaking of the waters doesn't work I'll have to have a c-section anyway.

Here are some reasons why things are so tricky for me when it comes to having babies.
I had two c-sections in the beginning of my baby days. That means that my uterus has been scarred twice and that makes it susseptable to rupture, which basically means that my uterus could rip open while I'm laboring or delivering and potentially kill Buster and I. There's only about a 2% chance of this happening which means that there is a 98% chance of this not happening, which is good!
I cannot be induced with chemicals. Chemical induction (the gel or drip) creats fake hard contractions that do not follow a natural pattern. Usually (not for everyone) when a womans labor starts it is a gradual progression. It starts out gently and works up to very strong contractions and then you have the baby. With chemical induction you usually skip the gentle part and go right to the strong stuff, wether your body is ready for it or not. The rate of rupture increses with chemical induction. The doctor talked about gelling because I have had one safe VBAC. I'm not into it and I won't do it.
Okay now the thing with breaking my water. Breaking a persons water is permanant. If you gel someone and it doesn't work then you can not gel again and wait for the body to be ready (not that they do that, but you could you know!) Once my water is broken they will not let me leave the hospital, which means that I cannot labor at all at home where I am most comfortable and relaxed and surrounded by people who love and care for me. (if I could home birth I really would Melissa) Now the other thing is, if they break my water and it doesn't work - 1. my body obviously wasn't ready to have this baby 2- you can't unbreak water, once it's done, well it's done. If my labor doesn't start they would either give me oxytosin (which I won't do so that eliminates that option) or they give me a c-section. So breaking my water is really a last resort for me.

I believe that God created my body to do just exactly what it needs to do, when it needs to do it. My baby just needs to fatten up I guess (something I'm not really all that excited about ;)

Anyway, please pray for Buster and I. I will have a baby in the next week, the question just remains how? Pray that Dr. Almas will be favourable tomorrow and allow me to go to 42 weeks. I was 10 days over with Ephrim and we were perfectly fine (as far as birthing goes;)

Thank you!
Bless you!


Anita said...

I've had lots of vbac questions for you that I keep forgetting to ask. This cleared some of them up. I'm not into another c section either (i'm not pregnant, so its not a big deal for me right now), but I definitely understand why you want to avoid it!
Sit on the toilet with a good book (that's what my doctor told me), it apparently good to get labor going (something about pressure). I'm sure you've already tried everything, so maybe its time to look into digital scrapbooking :) It might take your mind off of things :)
Don't forget to post pics of your little one when he comes!

Jenny said...

There are other natural ways to get things going...with valentines day right around the corner...(wink, wink!)

dwiebes said...

Oh yes Jenny, we know all about that one! And if I had forgotten Dalen would have gladly reminded me ;)

dwiebes said...

Anita. If you've only have one c-section the risks are even less and most women successfully have vbacs. The only reason it doesn't usually work is if there is a physical reason for not being able to deliver the last time, like a deformed pelvis or I have a friend whos uterus is tilted so she cannot deliver naturally. Why did you have to have a c-section with Nyla?

Princess said...

praying for you guys
so much info! good to know just in case (hoping and praying i'll have another one or two)

praying that whatever happens you and buster will be safe

Sharon said...

I'm praying everything goes good with your body and that you can deliver 100% naturally without help form the "extras" I had to have the drip with Jeffery just to prevent me from having a c-section and I had to be gelled twice with Logan but no drip which was good but I understand you're not wanting these. If I was in the same situation I wounldn't either. So here's praying... and praying it happens sooner then later!!! :)

Anita said...

Thanks for the info Sirena. I had one due to fetal distress. That's why I'm hoping that a vbac wont' be an issue for the next one (whenever that happens to be).
Next time we're in Terrace it would be great to get together and chat. I have lots of questions!