Thursday, January 24, 2008

Slipper pictures

So here are the slippers that I made yesterday. They are really cute! I am heading to town today to scope out leather. I do really like the fabric though as it's soft and cozy, I will do both I guess. I will also be hitting up the thrift stores for old leather jackets and stuff. I'm thinking that this could be a good way of getting leather cheap... but I will be limited in colors. We'll see what the fabric stores have.

Well they aren't great pictures but they'll have to do. I'll have to stuff them with something so we can see the real shape of them.

Okay so, selling these. This is the thing. I made these from a pattern, if I want to sell them I have to pay the person who made the pattern 60.00 a year. US. So I need to make a lot of sewing money before I can start selling them. If four people want to buy some then I can probably swing it. At this point it's just not worth it for me to fork out 60 bucks when I have no idea if anyone will buy them. Also I don't know totally about the leather situation yet so that will effect my choice too.

Anyway I have a doctors appointment today so I'm hoping I'll know by then what my body is doing baby wise.


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