Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So as I posted before I bought a pattern for making Robeez style booties and slippers. I'm going to post pictures of the booties now and once I get my camera back from the kids I'll post pictures of the slippers.

This was the trial run of the booties and I'm really happy with them. There are a few things that I'll change... like I'll make sure that the top seem on the booties doesn't let go and make a big gaping hole that I'll have to hand stitch tonight ;) You can also see the stitching on the sole. I just used white thread because they were the trial. On the slippers that I made you can't see it on the outside of the slipper like these. Ephrim has not taken these slippers off yet!

As you can see he's pretty happy about them! Stay tuned for slipper pictures!


lovinit said...

interested in selling any slippers or booties??

how much a pair??

starla said...

wow! they look great! what did you make them out of?

Princess said...

wow those look amazing!! you never cease to amaze me girl!!