Monday, October 22, 2007

My new favorite blog.

Well now that I've won something online (on a blog) I'm a little hooked. I found this blog... and I kinda love it. Part of me didn't want to post it... more competition. But it's just great and even though I know my chances of winning are slim I've learned about some really great products. Like the vinyl wall letters. I think I'm gonna have to get me some of those!!!



Jenny said...

Her other blog: rocksinmydryer is somewhere I visit often.
I entered as well.
Hope all is well!

joni said...

cool!!.. actually you girls are cool..entering to win stuff.. hehe good at you.

Everyone well again?? someday i would like to bring over Ephraim's bday gift.
I guess it doesn't matter if i can stay or not.. just had hoped for a visit. i will drop it and the carseat off this week regardless.

dwiebes said...

Hey Joni! Yes we are all well. We'll probably be around all week too.. just have to run to town today for a little bit. Then we'll be out friday. Hope we see you soon!