Sunday, October 21, 2007

Long time no post

Wow it's been five day since I last posted. Sorry about that. This is just going to be a little post to let ya'll know what happened this last week. I got sick. Very very sick after having a tooth pulled on tuesday, we don't know if it was a coincidence or if I had a reaction to the freezing, being pregnant and all. Yesterday (Saturday) was my first official day "back on my feet" at 100% capacity. So today I am looking forward to enjoying a day with my family and spending time worshiping God (althought that has been an interesting thing lately...)

I hope for you all today that you...

Spend time with the people that you Love.
Think about how to bless others and not about how you feel unwated and unloved.
Praise the living God who made you.
Rest. Rest in your God, rest in his love, and rest because it's the sabath!

note - I know that some don't agree that today is the sabath... that's okay I don't mind ;)


Luke said...

Hi Sirena,

I am responding to a comment you made on Maidensofworth blog. I'm Anna's sis-in-law, btw. :)
Anyway, I had the same difficulty you had with looking for a decent place to have your daughter take ballet lessons. Our oldest is 8 and has been wanting to take ballet for probably 4 years. We finally found a place this year for her to take that is decent.
Anyway, before that she used the video "I'm a ballerina now" by Kultur. It is excellent! It is a real teacher and her students teaching ballet positions and warm ups all set to lovely music. I think you can find it on or maybe even ebay.
Hope this helps. And I pray your pregnancy continues to go well. What a blessing!
In Him,

Jen said...

Sunday (Sabbath) is my favorite day. A day of family, church, football, and relaxing. Best day of the week!