Friday, October 26, 2007

Crafty creations by me!

Well now that Starla's shower is over I can post the fun things that I made for her.

The most exciting thing that I discovered is that I can make Baby Legs . I found this online tutorial and it was SUPER SUPER easy... if you can use a sewing machine, which Christy discovered she can... Get her a sewing maching for Christmas people!

Here is a pic of the BeanieLegs (I made 'em, not the baby legs people) that we made for Starla

I'm not really into putting these on boys but I'm thinking I might make a pair for our little guy so that I can use them on his arms.

The other thing that I made Star was this little sweater.

I has made some little booties with this yarn before and had already given them to her..
So now of course I'm re-inspired to attempt the farmers market next year. The best part is that I may have a partner in crime, Christy. We shall see?

I'd better find somewhere cheap to buy cute knee highs ;) And if you want to buy some knee highs and come for a visit I'll make some baby legs for you (so long as you tell all your friends)


Jenny said...

You are certainly one talented girl!!!
That sweater is beautiful!! As are the booties.
I love the little beanie legs.
You'll do amazing at the farmer's market!!

Tamara said...

Hey Sirena!

Ok I -really- need to come over! There's no delaying things anymore lol I also want to buy a sling from you for Andrea's's on the 11th so I'm sitting in fear thinking I may have left his too long. Anyways, get back to me somehow..facebook/blog? PHONE? lol I don't know! But we shall talk :)

You are crazy talented! If I didn't work Saturdays I'd frequent your table at the Market