Friday, October 26, 2007

Did too much.

So yesterday's job was to clean up the Library and the kids room. I took the bunk beds apart and rearranged their bedroom. It is now much easier to change sheets and give the kids their kisses at night. The only thing is that I seem to have over done it a bit as this morning while I was getting groceries I was getting pretty crampy. So we ate out for lunch and are spending the rest of the day relaxing on the couch (which means the kids get to watch movies) Anyway here are some before and after pictures of the library area upstairs. It's deffinately not done but I've done all that I can.

This is the library side of the landing which is at the top of our stairs. Eventually there will be laminate flooring and drywall, the walls will be a really nice green color and there will be wrought iron railing with hard wood handrail.

This is the closet side of the landing. For the most part it acts as bedding storage. Once the closets are done in the bedrooms the bedding will be moved to the room that it belongs to. We have doors for this closet but they are not up *yet* The left door is our bathroom and the right one is our future bedroom.

Up next is our future bedroom. We won't be moving into it yet (unless Dalen's parents move in here) but we need to unpack the room and clean it. The ceiling is open to the attic right now and it grosses me out!


Jenny said...

Way to go Sirena!! Looks like you've been a busy little bee!

Jenny said...

But don't overdo it!!
Glad to hear today you are taking it easy!

Tamara said...

You've made me want to get motivated and organize my desk

joni said...

ahh i love a clean closet!! it feels so amazingly good to get to those long awaited jobs!!!

But...(eyebrow raises...and you know i can raise just one...)

yeah do i need to say more?? its so not worth hurting you or little Fred!
Next time wait ... or call me ... i would give you my time.