Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm very impressed there is someone reading my blog that I dont' know! Dyan? Who are you? Where are you hiding? Do you have a blog? It's very interesting. Who else is out there?

Okay so I'm doing pretty well. Realizing how hard a miscarriage can be on a person physically. I really wanted to be working out and such again, but no. I biked to the house from here and nearly fainted when I got home. I was pulling two kids but I've pulled three before and while I did feel like a big block of Jell-o after I was no where near fainting. I went to the doctor's today. Got my negative preg test out of the way and then chatted with him for a while. For any of you who are wondering about my most fabulous amazing doctor. His name is Dr. Strydom. He is the most gentle, peaceful person ever. He shared that his wife had 8 miscarriages and her last delivery was a very scary emergency c-section. In the end of it all they have two boys and one has (sorry about the spelling) cerevral paulsie (good grief that looks SO wrong)

I have been struggling with my weight now that I'm not with child. I gained back half the wait I lost in the last while. No doubt I was comfort eating. Now I want to get going on some exercise and I can't. The more I do the worse off I am.

So I will wait upon the Lord. I will be very careful with my eating and wait for the day that I can GO!

Blessings on you all! whoever you are;)


Jenn said...

Dr. Strydom is also my doctor and I agree, he is so amazing. I wish all the doctors were like him.

starla said...

i think that he was the emergency dr when i went in for my miscarriage and he was amazing. so compassionate. He also shared with me and him and his wifes many miscarriages. God bless him.

amy said...

I just came across your blog out of the blue and read that your Doctor is Strydom. I now live in MB. but when i lived in sk I had Dr. Strydom too. I'm wondering if it's the same Dr. Do you live in Melfort?

dwiebes said...

Nope I live in Terrace BC, Are you talking about Jaco Strydom? That's his first name I think. He just moved here last year... could possible be the same doctor.