Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meet the baby.

So tomorrow morning I'm going in with my best friend Jaclyn. She's getting induced and hopefully before long after that there will be a new little baby to hold. This will be her third baby and I've been there for all of their births. I'm really excited! I get to video... hopefully this time I won't accidently erase the tape again... the worst mistake of my life. Technically Dalen did it, but with my consent.

So please be praying for safety and that God would really bless Jon and Jaclyn through this delivery. And hey while you're at it pray that they'll be converted too ;)

well I'd better get some house work done.. so I dont' have to tomorrow..

Also, thank you Christy for taking all of my children tomorrow so that I can be with Jaclyn.. you've really blessed me!

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starla said...

you need to post some baby stats and pics on here for us all!