Friday, April 13, 2007

What we're doing.

Well things are pretty basic here. Cleaning, playing, lots of reading. The kids and I are loving the little house on the prarie series! It's very exciting! We have two chapters left on the second book. I know what's coming and I'm so dissapointed!

I am also doing a lot of work with Ephrim right now. I am training him to stay near me and to sit in a chair with cars while I am on the computer... I am so terrible and not hearing him when he's off in the house and he gets into so much mischief. So I've decided that he is going to be a tomato staked baby. I realized that I needed to do this with him yesterday when I was thinking about camping this summer. He loves to wander and he's extremely quiet when he's off on his own. So he can get lost very easily. If I train him to always be with me then that will help tremendously. I also think that it will be very good for his character as he is extremely dissobedient and his nature is to test every little thing to it's max. His mouth is naughty too. He's always saying no when he's told to do something and whines and hasa tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Learning to be still will be good for him and will allow me to get things done faster so that we'll have more time to play!

Other than that we've been working on getting healthy. Ephrim is still sick.. his ear has started oozing again. So we're slowly gutting out refined sugar and flour. I made bread from fresh ground flour yesterday and it's nummy deliecious! It's very fun but I will have to save for a bosch machine with a grain mill attatchment. It's not that I mind the work of grinding the flour or kneading the dough (although it's nice to not have to do it) it just takes so stinkin' long and I dont'have a lot of time.

So for my birthday this year I am asking only for money, so that I can have some help in getting the bosch.. They even have red ones on ebay right now.

Well that's about all for now. I am going to go get ready for a jog... yes you heard me right I'm going to go jog.. WOOHOO!!!!!!!


joni said...

wow an update!!! red is too fun of a colour!!!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness. If that was white it would look exactly like the one my mom had when I was a kid. Those mixers are the best. They can mix enough dough for 4 loaves of bread.
Sharon :)

Laney said...

hey, my mom has one of those and after about 25 years it is still working so they are awesome. hope you can get one as it is definately a lot easier to make homemade bread with it.

Princess said...

you need to post some new pics of silly naughty ephrim... i cant believe how fast he is growing