Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well what can I say? The playoffs have deffinately started, and with one of the closest matched games I think I've ever whitnessed. Dallas last night was insane. They were on Vancouver like a dirty shirt and it took four periods of overtime to shake'em! Vancouver did Good, none better than Roberto!!!! I was extremely dissapointed in their power play in the first period of overtime. Not too sure what they were doing? Looked like they were taking a break. But they made up for it. The Sedin's finally snapped out of whatever funk they were in and started playing like the usually do. I'm exhausted today but it was worth it!!! What an amazing game... it can only get better from here!
I was really frustrated because it sounded like people were booing whenever Roberto would make a save but then Dalen pointed out they were saying LOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well here's to LOO!!!! He's got his game on and he's making his mark in hockey for sure....

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