Friday, April 13, 2007


Someone requested some pictures.. I dont' have very many as I'm at the In-laws right now but I'll post what I can find!
This is Ephrim in December.. a little out of Date but he looks pretty much the same :) He's with my neighbors little guy.
This was before they tore the walls out to lift the house.
This is the house fully lifted. Ten feet higher!!! I don't have any pictures of it with the walls all closed in yet. Dalen had Brian Schlamp and Michael Williams helping him. Michael was there for the whole week. He had to stop though because he was getting too far behind in his schooling ;)


Laney said...

wow! thanks for posting pictures, I had been wondering how it was all going... Can't wait to see pictures when it is all done.

Princess said...

yeah!!! pictures!!!! i love his grin mischievious but all tooo cute and precious... wow... i can't wait to see the after pics of the house!!