Friday, February 16, 2007

Raising workers.

So how have you trained your children to be hard workers? I would like to hear from those of you who have trained your children to work hard without complaint and dawdling. What are your tips and tricks? What are your consequences if they do not work hard? Thanks.


Christy said...
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parcter said...

I like to torture my children with the expression let your work be work and let your play be play. That being said, I also want them to work joyfully and remind them (probably too frequently) to do everything as though they are doing it for the Lord. I also tell my kids that I count on them. They are an important part of the running of our household and that I depend on them. It does wonders for their manly egos! I know those aren't specific things but that is the atmosphere and tone I try to create.


Laney said...

hey... I guess I would say that I get Aja to do as much as she is capable of doing... such as setting the table, helping sweep the floor, and helping put away laundry, plus all the little things like cleaning up her toys, helping fix suppers, and helping bake... I just have to make sure that it doesn't bother me if it isn't done the exact way that I would like it to be done (and I try to make it a lot of fun)... if I have asked her to do one of those things and she doesn't listen then the consequence is the same as it is for her not listening at any other time... I don't make her do stuff all the time cause she is still very young...(but that is just me)

Jenny said...

My kids have certain responsibilities. Since they were little they have known that everybody has a job in the house. They are small jobs but it really does help my workload. I am blessed that I have a husband that really works hard at keeping our house tidy, and so do the boys, so I have a reasonably tidy(given what day!!LOL) and organized home.
For example, The boys know that after they eat they take their plates and bring them to the counter...I have noticed that Gavin only does this when he is around his brothers...if he has company(playmates) he never brings his plate to the counter...possibly because the other kids don't do so.
It saves me time from collecting dishes all over the place...everything is in one spot and it takes a couple of minutes to load the dishwasher.
Every Tuesday night Seamus is responsible for collecting the garbage around the house and emptying the garbage cans. It makes it easier for garbage day on Wednesday.
They put their dirty clothes in their hamper. They clean(to the best of their ability)the basement once a week (either Saturday or Sunday). They decide which day they are doing it and the know it has to get done.
They hang up their jackets on their own hangers and hooks...same with their backpacks. After school each day they take out their lunch bags and put them into the pantry. They also put out all papers, planners etc. that need to be signed and leave them on the designated area of the counter.
I think the reason they are good little helpers is alot about organizational skills and being a little strict with the running of the house.
I'm not saying my boys are perfect but they know their responsibilities. This system works for us and we aren't always harping on them about doing stuff. They just have a few things they are supposed to do.
Allowances work wonders. I've also deducted money out of their allowances for jobs that weren't done.
Gavin is still young, but like I said he knows to take his plate to the table and he likes to clean his room. He learns from his older brothers.
I have a "schedule" of sort that I keep for myself for housework. I need it to keep myself organized.
Anyhow sorry this is so longwinded. Not sure if it's helped or not!
Take care.