Thursday, February 08, 2007


Okay so there are cases of bananas at the super store right now for 10.00. That's like 16 bucks cheaper than usual. I freeze a lot of them to use in smoothies. Then I dehydrate some, the kids love them, Starla doesn't ;)
I'm also going to make huge batched of banana muffins and freeze them in the muffin cups before they are baked. I did the same thing last night with meatloaf after I got groceries last night. I mixed up enough hamburger to make meatballs and meatloaf for the next two weeks. Then I took the raw meatloafs and froze them in the pan, then I popped them out this morning and put them into a ziplock. Then I cooked the meatballs and seperated them into meal size packages. So I can just take them out, pop them into the sauce until they are warmed through and my meal is ready! I also took the rest of our hamburger and cooked it all and then I saved the fat in a container. I froze them in meal sizes and then I'll just have to warm it up in a pot and add a little fat (Dalen likes it cooked fresh because you get more of a hamburger taste so I'll add a little of the fat for taste)

Anyway That's what I've been up to, that and A LOT of sewing and cleaning... but I'm still not done, well I'll never be done, I'm still not caught up.


Laney said...

wow, you're one busy woman! sounds like you really enjoy doing all those things though... (definately a proverbs 31 woman in my eyes)

joni said...

waa hoo you are a busy momma..hehe thanks for the info on bananas,, we do have a few monkeys around..hehe so i just might go get some..

starla said...

yummy....dehydrated banana slugs...hehehe good to see a new post on here! can't wait to start my own baby sewing...although i won't start until 20 weeks at the earliest!