Saturday, February 17, 2007


Okay so I'm heading to Vancouver in March. I think the 23rd or something for a week or so. The thing is that I'm driving by myself with the kids and while I am really fine with it, not all people are and I'm getting a lot of flack about the whole thing. I can't fly because then I'd have to leave Emma here and I'm just not okay with that and then I wouldn't have a vehicle, and I have to have a vehicle while I'm there. So I'm putting out a sort of add... I need someone to come with me. Even if you just want to drive there and back with me and spend the rest of the time with friends and family? I will pay for the gas and accomidations.. which will most likely be on someone's floor ;) So if there is anyone out there that would like to come with me please let me know!


Tommy Boy said...

So what happens if you get someone to drive down with you? There wouldn't be room for me!! ;)

dwiebes said...
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dwiebes said...

hehe, well I will have room for three people. And if someone comes with me they will be a single person.. also I posted this before I talked to you... are you coming back with me. I'm being a little obsessive with my plans.. sorry.