Friday, February 23, 2007

Me? Really? WOOHOO!!!

Well I'm gonna be in the paper! How crazy is that! Sarah Artis from the Terrace Standard is buying a sling from me for a friend and while we were chatting she starting asking me all these questions about my "business". Then when I went to drop a brochure off to here she said that she wants to do a small piece about me. She also wanted to take my picture then and there, but I've recently had a very nasty break out and said that I'd bring her a picture next week. Dalen was instantly worried because my "business" isn't registered or anything and my "name" isn't registered either. I have no idea what the deal with all of that is but I guess I'll find out soon if it's that important.
I am pretty excited. But even more excited about Olivia!!! She's a coming!


joni said...

humm sounds like you'll have to get leagal then?? which would maybe be great?? humm the farmers market girls don't have to register do they?..well anyways ,, very exciting!!

Justin said...

Hey that's cool. Say hi to Sara for me if you see her again. We use to play Ultimate together in Vancouver.

About the whole business thing, you don't really need to register your business or the name unless you want to open a bank account under your business name. You might need to get a license from the city depending on Terrace's city bylaws.

And since you are selling a product you may need to get a PST number. I'm not sure how the farmer's market people do it. I suggest getting some info from your local Community Futures.

Good luck with your endeavor.