Friday, February 23, 2007


Oh my. I'm trying to figure out how to start a business and guess what. I HAVE NO CLUE! Everything I read is just evaporating! AHHH. I need Dalen. If anyone out there has done this please, I need your help!!!

Okay I got Tom, he's good at teaching me stuff too. I feel better now. All I need is 150 bucks.

Too bad about the 150 bucks. Otherwise I might be able to actually do it! HA!!

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Shirley said...

Hi Sirena:
You can go down to the B. C. Access center and they have the forms and other papers that you need to register your business name etc. I think you can also do it online - you will have to go into the Provincial Governement's web page. Phone the Access Center if you need info about the procedure or online stuff. It isn't that difficult, but you will definitely want to register your name so that no one uses it. There is also taxation stuff that you need to consider. Call me if you want.