Monday, January 29, 2007

Diaper Day!

We're having another diaper day tomorrow at my place at 2:00. I really do think that we should be able to get everything done tomorrow! It's all very exciting! So if you want to come out and help us make diapers for Jenna's up and coming Babers then we'll be at my place and you're welcome to join us!


Shannon said...

Hi, I just came across your comment at the Servenclan's blog and followed the trail here! These diapers are so cute, and I love the idea of getting a group of ladies together to make diapers for new moms (I'm guessing thats what a diaper day is, anyway!). Sounds like so much fun! :) Do you have a pattern for these diapers?

Many blessings,

dwiebes said...

I do have a pattern that I've made from all different places and a lot of "editing" ;) If you are interested I could try to get something usable for someone else.. It might be easier for me to mail something though. Ever since I got my serger diaper making has been so much easier. And yes you are right about the diaper day, there was a young girl, quite young, who is expecting so we all came together to make diapers with her. It was really a blessing for all of us.