Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Uncle

Okay so I recently posted about my uncle Phillip who has lung cancer. I just got an e-mail from my Uncle John giving the details of his diagnosis.

"His diagnosis is Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung. He is at at least stage 3a and may be at stage 4. For these stages, without the benefit of a miracle, 50% of patients will survive between 8 and 15 months, even with aggressive treatment. The aggressive treatment can be very debilitating and painful. "

So we need to pray for this miracle. This is another part of the e-mail, please remember that my uncle is full on psychitzophrenic (sp?)

"He has a very bad cough, and keeps wanting to smoke cigarettes. I don't believe he understands the implications of his illness. He is very optimistic and insists that he is getting better. He has a very positive attitude. "

I know that Jesus can reach those who are crazy, I know it's not a very PC way to put it but it is what it is. I have my own beliefs of why people are this way, and I do know there is a lot of bad history to his mental state.

I am praying for him, I've never met him, but today when I saw his picture it terrified me. If any of you have ever seen my father, you would know why.

That is my grandpa with my Uncle Phillip. It's like looking at my father with long hair. I dont' know what God wants for him, but I'm praying that God will reach him. My grandpa is a very strong catholic who loves the Lord with all his heart. But I do not know where he stands on salvation and repentance and the like. My Uncle John is a new believer and they are spending a lot of time with him. But his mind is very confused. Please pray that God would release his mind. That there would be clarity and whatevery demonic principalities are at play would be abolished.

Thank you.

*Update - also to clarify, I'm pretty sure that my Uncle spends his life on the streets and in shelters and such. Just another thing to pray about. Thanks again.


joni said...

ok Sirena we will keep your uncle in our prayers...yikes huh. But His hand is not too short...May Gods hand reach him in a way he would understand it.

Jenny said...

My brother is schizophrenic. It is an awful illness. There are also many stereotypes associated with this horrible disease.
Something that happens frequently is they believe the medication is in fact part of a conspiracy, so they stop taking it.
The good news is there is wonderful support and treatment available(for families and for patients). My brother has had some ups and downs but he is in a place where his medication prevents the hallucinations. He just completed a program that has taught him to live with his illness and to live amongst society.
I can relate to what you are going through. I have shed many tears and spent hours praying for my brother. The most important thing we need to do as family is reach out for our loved ones and not condemn. Unfortunately many of our homeless people are those stricken with a mental illness.
If you ever need anyone to talk to this is one of the topics I am familiar with(unfortunately).
Thinking and praying for you...