Friday, September 15, 2006

Dalen's celebrity look alikes.. and my kids too!

Woo Hoo my man lookslike Tom Cruise! Thankfully he let me make noise while I was laboring! Oh and he looks like Harvery Keitel, wasn't he a mobster?

Now what about Adon?

I like that he looks like a tiny Leonardo DeCaprio!


Lucky Emma get to look forward to growing into a femanine George Clooney. But we both got that Amisha lady as a result and that pretty cool.

Okay now for Ephrim.
Okay his took forever to get some results. I think it's really cool that the kids and I even had some of the same results!

Well I really wanted to do one with my old dog but it didn't work. Oh well. Have fun finding out who you look like. BOW WOW!

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