Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello from Heney!

Okay so I'm in Haney, which is kind of Maple Ridge, which is kind of in Vancouver. We have finally made our way here after being in Kelowna for about four days.. I think... they were kinda hot and blurry! It was great though to spend time with Jeff and Trei and the girls, I guess I'll have to say "the children" now. Baby Seth is beautiful. He has freakishly huge hands and feet though... they're almost the same size as Ephrim's and Seth is only two and a half weeks old. I hit up Value Village and got some amazing baskets and some work out clothes, I actually found a pair of LuLu's but the were too tight. I also hit up a fabric store today and bought a wack of maternity patterns and lots of fabric to make slings and purses, I think I'm going to try the whole selling stuff on ebay thing.

So finally I am at Aunty Lisa and Uncle Richards, this place feels like home to me, they are our family away from home, we can relax here and I can know that it's okay if I don't wear a bra... hehehe

We'll find out tomorrow if the surgery is going through for sure so I'll update again in the next day or two!

Blessings on you!

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starla said...

hey, good to know all is going well. be sure to post again with anymore news...oh and let us know what your return date is?