Monday, August 21, 2006

All Is Well

I got a call from Sirena this evening. The surgery went well and Eprhim is doing good! He was in for a little longer than they thought he would be but there were no complications or anything. They will keep him in the hospital about 3 days. She said he's okay for pain as they have him on tylenol and codeine. He wants to be held all the time but I don't think Sirena minds all that much. So tonight she will be staying in the hospital as Ephrims primary care giver and Dalen went home for the night to be with the kids. It was a long day for them all especially because early this morning sirena came down with an infection. She is doing fine now as the doctor gave her antibiotics and pain killers, but it was definitly not something she needed to deal with this week, or today. God is faithful to bring us through hard days and thankfully this day has all but come to a close and they have only thanks to offer up to God.

They are hoping to head home this weekend sometime but it depends on how Eprhim feels. If he continues to need to be held then it could make driving a near impossibility. They are prepared to give him the time he needs.

Dalen and Sirena both want to thank everyone that has praying for them today and over the course of the last week and the week to come! What a blessing to know that you have the support and covering of the prayers of family and friends! They apperciate your continuing prayers as Eprhim heals and they make the drive home.

May you guys have a speedy drive (without speeding too much), may the kids be well entertained by the blessed dvd player and movies, and may you find yourselfs in the comfort of your home soon! We all look forward to you getting home! God bless!


Jenny said...

Glad to hear everything went as scheduled. You've been in my prayers.

Tommy Boy said...

Hi From Australia!! I'm in Sydney right now and just biding my time until I head a little further north to do some more diving. I have some work for Nerds On Site today and will be joining them for their weekly breakfast meeting tomorrow. It's all going well.

I'm glad to hear that everything went well with Eprhim's surgery. I hope that the recovery is quick and all is well in the coming days and months.

I really miss you guys and hope to talk to you soon!! If you get a chance I'd love to hear back from you!!

Hi to the whole family, Dalen, Sirena, Adon, Emma and Ephrim!!

Love you guys,

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy said...

Man, I can't believe it!! I wrote out a huge long comment and then it messed up and it didn't post!! :'(

Anyways, I guess I'll have to keep it short so it works this time!!

Glad to hear Eprhim's surgery went ok, I hope his recovery is quick!

Hi to all of you Dalen, Sirena, Adon, Emma and Eprhim.

If you guys get a chance I'd love to hear from you!!

Things are great down here!!

Love ya all,

Tommy Boy