Thursday, August 10, 2006

Off They Go!

(sirena and adon)
The Wiebe family is on their way! This is Starla writing for Sirena. She was too busy packing and getting ready for their trip to blog about it so I am filling in for her.

They left early this morning to head to Vancouver. The main reason being that Ephrim is scheduled to have his cleft pallet surgery, and while they are there they are going to Sirena's cousins wedding. I have it on good authority that they will be squeezing in a visit to a discount fabric store (apparently sirena likes to sew) and a few other shopping destinations, and of course some catching up with good friends. Sirena was particularly excited about stopping in kelowna to visit our good friends Jeff & Trei and their beautiful children (3 gorgeous girls and a beautiful brand new baby boy)! I know sirena was a little concerned before they left because Ephrim had another breakout of.....well their not sure what it is anymore. He keeps getting this sores on his face, they thought it was staff infection before and now they are looking at other things. This is particularly stressful because the hospital will cancel Ephrims surgery if they think the sore could inhibit quick surgery recovery and other things. They checked with their doctor in Terrace and after some praying decided to go ahead with their trip and trust in God. So For all you prayers out there, the Wiebe family is asking for you to keep them in your prayers. God bless their traveling, their visiting, and especially baby Ephrims surgery!

I know this trip is going to be difficult as it is a long way to go with three young children and no parent finds it easy to watch their baby go through surgery, but we have a loving, faithful, powerful God who is their rock and strenght in this time and I trust that they will come home feeling not only relieved to have the surgery done but also refreshed from having some time together as a family!

So, remember to lift them up! And post your encouragment and prayers on here as i'm sure sirena will find a computer in their travels and will be encouraged by your words!


Jenny said...

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. May Ephrim have a speedy recovery!

starla said...

Hope everything is going well! Praying for you all!