Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not so well

OKay so in the last post that Starla made she told about this infection. Well it was a lot worse than they thought. When I went into emergency on Monday morning they gave me breastfeeding friendly antibiotics for a UTI (urinary tract infection). Then over the last three days I felt fluish, fever, shaking, freezing cold, then hot and sweating, my head has been pounding and I haven't been able to move. Needless to say all was not well. Dalen had to be at the hospital the whole time to care for Ephrim as I was unable to function, which meant the kids were here at Aunty Lisa's. Praise God for her she has done so much for our family. We were discharged this morning and from the time it took to leave the hospital and get home (1 hour or so) I was completely wrecked. I was shaking uncontrolably and freezing cold. I could move at all. When we got here my fever was 102.5. I was really sick. I just got into bed and tried to calm down. I finally managed and after sleeping for 2 or 3 hours I was feeling better. Once I got up we headed down to the clinic. I was really done with it all and though that I was reacting to the antibiotics because the last time I took them I got headaches.
The Doctor was great and really thurough. I'm glad Dalen was there because I could remember anything, I felt comatose. Anyway the antibiotics the Doctor at the ER didn't work. The infection spread into my Kidneys and he told me that if I got any worse in the next 24 hours they would admit me to a hospital for IV antibiotics.

Tonight I'm feeling better. It's been tough not being able to care for Ephrim. He's not nursing and my milk is pretty much gone. Now with the antibiotics I can't nurse him. It looks like it's over... it's really hard for me. He's the only baby that I've nursed solidly. I may look into taking something to get my milk back up when this is all over. We'll see.

Ephrim is doing pretty good. He's sleeping by himself which he hasn't done in the last two nights and his appetite is picking up. I really haven't seen him, it's so sad. Tomorrow should be better.

Anyway I'm going to sign off.. please continue to pray for us. Hopefully we'll be able to get home soon.

OH I saw the Stanley cup today. and Ephrim got his picture taken sitting inside of it. How cool is that? I'll post picture when we get home!


Charlene said...

Well Sirena,
My prayers are with you guys, especially now. I can't imagine how tough this must be on Dalen. It is bad enough that his baby just had surgery. I bet it was a little scary for everyone. Just wanted you to know I love you! Glad to hear that you are starting to get better and can't wait to know you are all back home safe and sound. Thank God he has you in a place where there are good doctors and a great family member to help. God knows exactly what we need for each situation. Hope that you are sleeping well. Goodnight.
PS... I got your email and I will store the stuff at my place till you are back.

starla said...

hey, i'm sorry your having such a hard time. here is a new site that someone told me about, there is some info on relactation there, and herbel stuff to help your milk come back...check it out when you have time. Call me as soon as you get home, we need a visit, and if you need any help unpacking or anything! love you guys!

starla said...

lol, forgot the link to the site....oops

there you go

Jenny said...

I hope you have a safe trip back home!!