Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We're Addicted

Okay so we are officially hooked on Signing Time!!!

These DVD's are just awesome. We have chosen sign language as our second language and Adon and Emma love watching this movie. They are doing a lot more signing and I'm learning a lot from watching how Rachael Coleman communicates.

Rachael was a singer up until she discovered that her 1 year old daughter was deaf. Leah and her cousin Alex star in the movies and I love listening to them narrate.

I have always wanted to learn sign language. There are so many practical uses for it. Teaching our pre-speach children it communicate, giving commands in a quiet setting (bible study, grocery store (when they're strong commands), and church to name a few. We also have a lot of special needs people that come to our church and they often learn to communicate that way.

Another thing that has encouraged me in this endeavor is a man named Ken Bell. He is a missionary that our church supports. He was born hearing but became very sick when he was little and lost his hearing. Now he is a missionary to the Dominican Republic, a nation with extreme hearing loss.

In the DR people who are born deaf are not even named. They stay in their homes and never learn any way to communicate. When Ken goes to the DR to minister he will just walk around knocking on doors and asking if there are any deaf in that home. They bring the deaf to their school/church and give them a name and tell them who Jesus is and what he did for them. I am continually blessed by this man and his ministry.

I recently read an artical by a Momma who had a heart for mission but it was not the heart of her Husband and she knew that her primary ministry was to her family. The Lord showed her that he had given her children to give her dreams to. That is where I find myself. Whenever I think about Ken's ministry I want to pack my bags and go, it would take a miricle for this to happen (all things are possible) so for now I am training my children up to be ready to "GO" should the time come. If they do choose my dreams I will know that I have done everything that I could to prepare them.

Now dont' get me wrong. I continually pray for God's will in my children's lives. I want what he wants for them and me. I know that his plan is the greatest plan, but I sure wouldn't mind if in the end we ended up ministering to deaf... All thanks to Signing Time And The Lord of course!

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