Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good Morning, Lord

How are you today? Is your spirit grieving or is it rejoicing as you look down on my home today? Do you see how short my patience with the children is? Do you see me snuggle my babe? Do you see my heart, my reluctance, my laziness? I know you do.
                  Come here today Lord
        Reign in this home
                   Lead our family

Lead me Lord, by the still waters, the green pasture. You have provided good food for me. You have provided abundant mercy and grace.

You know my children's hearts. You know why they disobey, why they fight, tell me Lord. Show me how to minister to their hearts, how to love them, how to show them your love.

Lord, please pick me up, I have fallen, again. I've given in to my emotions. I've loved the feeling of having control and I've torn down my home, with my own hands, a foolish woman.

Lord, you see my husband today, working for his family, and you see his heart.

Bless him
Love him
Guide him
Strengthen him
Show me, Father, the love that he needs. How can I please him? How can his family give him joy?

               Draw him to YOU

Lord, you know my heart. Break it Lord. Flood it and soften it and make it to be what you desire. I love you Lord
Thank you. Thank you that you are here. That you hear these words in my heart and mind before they leave my fingers. Thank you that you have remained faithful is this storm of a heart that I bear. Thank you that the little hearts in my home are forgiving, that they love unconditionally. That they are more of you than I could be.

     Thank You.

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rita said...

Good prayer. Thank you. I needed that today.