Monday, May 15, 2006

Well Mother's day is over and woah momma! The last four of my mother's day were uneventful. Last year my mom bought me a card and gave me some spending money, but otherwise I was a really grumpy momma and not a really happy wifey! Now for those of you who don't think hubbies should do anything for their wives on mothers day, this is not a post for you (if there is actually anyone reading this at all). I am a full believer in dads doing things for moms on mothers day. I do things for DH when it's fathers day because I want to show my appreciation for the wonderful dad that he is and the amazing dad that he's becoming. I personally feel that the act of birthing alone warrents at least one present every year, from the blessed men who were able to avoid that agony.

So this year I reminded (I probably should have reminded a little less) Dalen and informed him of my views. He was very receptive and this is what happened.

Friday - On the first day of mother's day my hubby gave to me, dinner out with my family.
Saturday- On the second day of mother's day my dh gave to me, roses unexpectedly.
Sunday - On the third day of mother's day my lover duck gave to me (sorry Laura we have stolen your pet name for hubby) family time in bed, pancakes and bacon, washed the kids for church, let me get ready with no interuptions, lunch out with the family (extended), and a beautiful arbor gate thingy for my walkway....... and the flu.

Now I must admit that this is by far the best mothers day that I could have asked for.. even with the flu, which I am still denying is even there. In fact I rebuke it. I did inform him after all of that it was quite the president that he'd set for himself.. this was before the flu set in, that I could really do without. Anywho I just wanted to share, cause it's really nice to brag about the nice things that our hubbies do for us.

I now realize that I am being completely selfish, but it's my blog so I can if I want to:)

How did your days go???

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