Friday, May 12, 2006


"Don't point your finger to the heights your children should go. Start climbing and they will follow." -Wilfred A. Perterson

Today instead of reflecting on the type of mother who raised me. I've decided to reflect on the type of mother raising my children. The above quote spoke to me in a million places, my heart, mind, soul.

What am I doing to be an example to my children? Am I showing them what it is to love the Lord? Am I sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it for me? Am I going to take my own advice or not? (see my entry from April 30th) I take time to train, I take time to love, I decipline where it's needed. Okay so I have taken my own advice. But what's missing?

Me. I am not what I should be. Do they see me worshiping God freely? Do they see me on my knees before him in prayer? Do they see me devour his word as though it was the only thing in this world? Do they see a satisfied Momma? Someone without complaint at the difficults tasks before me every day? To they see joy when things don't go my way? Do they see me loving my spouse regardless of his response? Do they see me serving unselfishly everyday and in every way that the Lord asks of me?

We can all insert our own answers here. Unltimately we can do non of these things on our own. But please don't forget, "The Lord will never ask us to do anything that we can't do, but he will also never do anything that we can do."

I can ask the Lord to help me to spend time in his word everyday, but if I reject his conviction then he cannot help me.

"What the mother sings to the cradle goes all the way to the grave." -Henry Ward Beecher.

What am I planting in my children's minds? I had originally intended to list all the terrible things that I say and do but I've decided against it. What are some of the things that you say and do around your children that you do not want them to remember and carry through life, nevermind to the grave.

What are some of the characteristics that you desire your to have?
A Lady?
A Gentleman?

What are some ways that you are sabotaging these things? It what ways do you not reflect these things? Those are the things that your children are going to see in you. We all know that in our yucky human way we focus on the dirt on a perso, no matter how small the smear.

Now we can all make our own list of terrible things. Ask the Lord to show them to you. Ask your husband, if you dare, but don't do it unless you know you won't hold it against him later on. Then change those things, pick the one you dislike the most. Then ask the Lord what you need to do to change it.

Here's mine. Shouting at the kids. It tells them that I don't value them, that I don't love them enough to be tender and soft. That I can't control my emotions, that the Lord is not the source of my joy.
What can be done? Spend time with the Lord everyday. In order to do that I need to keep up with my house work, and stay organized with my meals and appointments. When I know what's happening around me and I'm not forgetting things then I can stop and sit and be with my Lord. And I have no excuses to avoid that time.. it's just me and Him.

God Bless Mothers!

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