Monday, May 22, 2006

Tagged again, yet another reason to sing with glee

6 Random Facts about little ol' me!
1. I hate confrontation
2. I don't pluck my eyebrows
3. I'm Irish and I have a birthmark the shape of a clover on the underside of my left arm.
4. My youngest son was born on my nine year christian birthday.
5. I'm a really bad house keeper
6. I secretly want to be a hugger. I want to hug everyone, and I think sometimes I would also like to be a bum pincher... HAHAHA


Laura said...

Oh man! Your last little bit there made me snort. I think you should start with Shane. ;)

dwiebes said...

Can you imagine.. what would Dalen do! Oh man I really wish I had the nerve... maybe I'll just start with you, you know work my way up.