Monday, May 22, 2006

I've been tagged (can you see the glee?)

I AM: Sanctified, satisfied, supersized, momma, lover, daughter, sister,friend, my own worst enemy, a jewel in My Kings crown.
I WANT: To finally get it and keep it!
I WISH: for nothing. He knows what I need and he gives it. If I don't have it it's because I don't need it or I don't want it enough to ask for it.
I HATE: Makeup, cutting my hair, pants.
I MISS: small belly that didn't look like it had survived a shark attack.
I WONDER: What is the deal with gas bubbles anyway.. this is my new mystery, I lie awake at night thinking about my little baby in my tummy, only to remember it's GAS BUBBLES!!!!!
I REGRET: Why bother? All the things that could be on this VERY LARGE list have all worked together for the glory of God and my conformity to Christ.
I AM NOT: Who the enemy tries to tell me I am. (thanks for this answer Christy)
I DANCE: all the time, with anyone that will dance with me... well not really anyone, there are a lot of creepy grabby men that I wouldn't dance with.
I SING: All the time, there are days when I will sing everything I would normally say. Drives Adon crazy. fun fun.
I CRY: All the time and about everything. (dito Christy!)
I AM NOT ALWAYS: A great house wife...
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Clean heinies and the diapers that cover them, pink dresses that spin with pockets, an apron with tractors and space ships, somewhere safe for baby to sleep and play and always feel hugged. Food to nourish and food to appeal to my man's heart. A room where there is rest and passion, a home that is a safe refuge.
I WRITE: honestly, passionately, gramatically incorrect and with bad spelling, and I don't care!
I CONFUSE: myself constantly, I make everything worse than it is.
I NEED: Jesus
I SHOULD: Be still
I START: My day with good intentions
I FINISH: With them unfulfilled
I TAG: Laura, because you haven't posted in a while.

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