Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Lawnmower Woman

Deep in the deepest parts of deepness, in the part where my fear of cougars lives, where my strange desire to be a bum pincher takes up residence, there in that dark shameful place, resides the longing to conquer it... the Lawnmower.

Now this isn't just any Lawnmower, oh no, it's a (suspenceful typing)Ridem' Mower. And the worst part of it is that it was my dad's (he gifted it to Dalen after he bought a new one) so I had even more to prove, because after all, any self resepecting child should know how to drive her Dad's lawnmower.

So there I sat atop my noble steed, proud as could be as I started it, got it into gear and started off. My audience (Laura and Jaime) was so amazed at my incredible ability, they just stood in disbelief that a woman was accomplishing this incredible feat. (oh how our pride can puff up:)

Then suddenly out of the middle of no where I could hear my name being called, "SIRENA!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!! SIRENA!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Who would dare disturb this momentuous moment for me? Who would disrupt my royal ridem mower procession?

It was Shane (Laura's husband) of course, who else would want to wreck my fun. That burdensome nincompoop. What good could he possibly have to offer in this occasion? (now you must realize that we love Shane, I dont' really think he's a nincompoop (well maybe sometimes:) I'm only saying that for theatrical purposes.)

"You're driving with the battery charger still hooked up!" I could tell he thought I was quite possibly the dumbest woman on earth.

"Oh, well then. Oops"

Apparently you're supposed to unhook the charger from the battery when you want to drive away. Luckily enough when Dalen got home I got to him first and was able to tell him the full story before Shane did, otherwise I would have been utterly humiliated, again.

The rest of my day followed with terrible run in's with the push mower and the weed wacker. Thankfully neither myself or any of the lawn maintenance utilities were injured.

Maybe next time no one is around I'll try again.


Laura said...

Especially considering the wonderful time they had together discussing your trenches and bunker in the garden, I'm very glad that you got to Dalen before Shane did.
Now if Shane had wanted to REALLY be a gentleman, he would have quickly zipped over and stealthily unplugged the battery charger without any of us knowing instead of doing all his yelling and causing such a fuss. ;)

dwiebes said...

Considering that fact that the battery charger was hooked up under my seat, and the fact that he would have had to shove me off of the mower to get to it, or try to stealthfull get under my seat, I'm glad he shouted! Although that would have been SO funny!!! I think he'd be very very red faced as we accused him of being the bum pincher.