Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Okay so here is the thing, I'm now hooked on these number puzzles. This is the one rule they have for playing.

Fill in the grid so that
every row,
every column, and
every 3 x 3 box
contains the digits 1 through 9.

Now if you have never played these games, do not start. This is my official warning. I know, my posting may become a stubling block for some of you but please heed my warning. Do not click on this link Soduku it really isn't worth your time.

For those of you that are allready hooked, they have books of them at the dollar store right now (if you live in Terrace) I got four, and gave one to Laura. I really have to figure these out considering Laura's six year old can do them. The kid ones at least although I'm sure Megan is much better at math than I am.

Off I go to clean my ENTIRE house!!!!!! YEAH!!!!


Clover said...

hi!!!! i play soduko.... i played it when i was a kid, too, they're nothing new! :P

officially leaving a comment... your blog is beautiful. hugs!


dwiebes said...

Thanks for the comment and the compliment.. I checked out your blog and the images were amazing! Thanks for posting!

Charlene said...

I have to admit, I clicked on the link and I was a little disappointed. I have never heard of these things. Oh well, I really wouldn't have time. By the way, I love your new buisness name and photo album. Wierd as it may sound, I find myself saying "mama Bean's slings and things" to myself while I shop. That is hillarious now that I really think about it. I like it anyway. Very catchy.