Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Leaving Comments

Okay so here's the thing.. I'm doing this blog thing but no one is leaving comments... okay Laura did leave one. So I'm getting a little tired of doing this with no reward.. I wait for the comments, I long for the comments. COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Comment.

Thank You
Sirena, your very appreciative bloggerette.


Anonymous said...

ok here is a comment ...I think your last one about being a bum pincher is ..well its funny!! and do, do try it out you may like it or rerget it but at least you'll know..hahaha cant wait for the first victom..err

Tamara said...

I'm commenting! But I don't really know what to say...had tons of fun tonight!

dwiebes said...

Well anonymous if I knew who you were you just may be the first bum!

dwiebes said...

I had a lot of fun too Tamara. It was great finally getting to know you more. Looking forward to the next girls night!