Friday, May 19, 2006

Off we go a'rough neckin'.

It is may long weekend, and as tradition seems to be dictating it's time for our anual campout with our neighbours... some of the most hillarious people we know. Although we are younger in our non avacado state we sure love them and can't imagine living next to anyone else. Their daily antics (or should I say their daughter's) are enough to make a person become "creepy-spy-neighbors" who are always waiting for something to happen. Last year when we went I was very pregnant and now it is Laura's turn to rush to the out house every morning.

So here I sit waiting for Dalen to get home so he can pull the trailer out to the campsite, Kleanza Creek I think this year I will have to learn how to drive with a trailer on the back of the truck. Dalen let me try briefly a few years back but quickly realized that I wasn't cut out for it, maybe this year. Now that the hair he tore out has grown back I'll see if he'll let me give it a try. (it really wasn't him that wanted me to stop but it's much funner when I tell it that way)

This year will be especially exciting for Adon because he is now the proud owner of a two wheeler. Technically it's a four wheeler if you count the training wheels but all in all it's very exciting to see him riding about like a big boy, which he is quickly turning into.

Anywho, I am off to finish some more house work and see if I can get the camera battery to charge up so I can show you some pictures of our excursion.
Have a great long weekend... hopefully not too long... and drop by for a marshmallow or five if you have the time!!!

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