Monday, May 22, 2006


So this long weekend was our official kick off of the camping season! It was great fun! Well actually it was extremely dull, but in the good fun restful kind of way! So now I'm all geared up for our next camping adventure which will hopefully be in two weeks. We love going to Kleanza Creek because it's nice a quiet, well accept for the 20 or so kids on bikes, but it's really nice out there. This year though there was the nice little twist of the cougar spotting the week before. So being the HUGE whimp that I am I spent a lot of time taking deep breaths and singing little worship songs. I AM TERRIFIED OF COUGARS! But deep inside I know that if it's God's will for me to be killed by one than it will happen no matter what, even if I were to move to Antartica. I wish I could draw, because if I could I would draw a little picture of a cougar wearing a puffy vest and Sorels!
Anyway camping was fun.. other than Emma's ear infection and Ephrim's lack of sleep, and I am looking forward to going again... okay now for the pictures and then I'll move onto this blog tagging thingy.

Ephrim Sleeping in his TEENY TINY sleeping bag.

Our neighbours dog, Finnigan, trying to bury his hot dog.. I put it on the dirt for him but he insisted on burrying (I really don't know how to spell most words) it on the mat. Finner only burries things when we are camping, it's the wild man dog in him.

Emma.. well what else needs to be said?

Two of my very handsome boys.

All of my very handsome boys.. Creepy red eyes Ephrim.

Well there are more but I'm all done so maybe later.

Have a good night!

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