Thursday, May 18, 2006

Momma Bean's Slings and Things

I made a business card.

Yeppers there it is.. my official "Momma Bean's Slings & Things" business card. The whole reason I've done this is because of Starla.. she is one of my bestest buds and for her baby shower I made her a pocket sling. Since then she's been getting a lot of comments and questions about the sling. I love to sew things for people... I sew for others more often than myself because it's just SO FUN! I also love a sewing challenge... today I figured out how to make a nursing pillow (also for Starla). So I made some business cards for her to hand out.

I have wanted to start a business doing this for a long time but I really don't have the time to persue it and do it well. I would love to make these things for people that phone me and ask me to. Here is a list of the things that I have made and loved.

Pocket Slings

Mei Tai Slings

Baby Hammocks

Memory Quilts

Nursing Pillows

Cloth Diapers


I think that the Lord gave me the ability to do these things so that I can bless others with the fruit of my hands. I have a lot of fun doing it and I love helping other people do the same. If you want to know more about any of this stuff you can now e-mail me at:

Here are some pictures of a few things that I've made.

I made a lot of diapers when I was pregnant with

Ephrim.. I love them and they seem to be the best

fitting ones that I've tried.

This is a memory quilt that I made for my cousin when she got married. I put words like "love" and "passion" on it with the date of their wedding and their names. You can add pictures as well.

This is one of the baby Hammocks that I make. I modeled it from Amby Baby Hammocks.. they retail around 300.00 I recently found one at the thrift store for 10.00 so I had to buy it. I have to admit (honestly) I like mine better.

I also love to make cakes, for anything that I can possibly make a cake for.

This is a layette that I made for a girlfriend with cross stitch.. This was really fun.

Like I said, if any of you would like to know how to do any of these things I would love to show you or help you... or it you want it done for you I can do that too. God Bless!

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