Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bodily Functions

This poem was written when yesterday, I discovered that every little ditty I make (I'm a real ditty-er) involved the word poo or fart or puke or snot. You must understand that all of my children are all 4 and under and that kind of stuff is a real riot for them.

Oh Sirena, the time shall pass
When you'll no longer be fixed on poo and gas.
As your children grow strong and fine,
You'll find better ways to spend your time.
Than writing little songs and stories,
Lymrics, prose and alagories.
By then you will have better taste,
Than to focus on our bodily waste.

-Sirena Wiebe May 26th 2006


Jenny said...

There was once a couple
named Jenny and Scott,
Who finally got their youngest
to "go" on the pot...
They were happy with joy
With their youngest little boy
'Cause he's saving his parents a lot!!!
~created by a mom who's still in glee after potty training her 3 year old 2 months ago!!

dwiebes said...

Congrats on the potty training! I hear boys can really take a while. Adon didn't but who knows what Ephrim will do. So far he's a lot like Adon so hopefully the trend will stick.