Saturday, May 27, 2006

What do you think?

Recently my son has been asking me about my opinion. Little things like "Mom, what kind of gynch do you think I should wear?" Very trivial and silly. I could so easily in my busy frustrated life just reply "Oh Adon it doesn't matter just pick one!"

The Holy Spirit copelled me not to do that, and this morning the Lord finally revealed why.

"Mom, what kind of friends should I have today?"
"Oh Adon, it doesn't matter just pick one!"

"Mom, which kind of school should I go to?"
"Oh Adon, it doesn't matter just pick one!"

"Mom what kind of woman should I marry?"
"Oh Adon, it doesn't matter just pick one!"

This morning I realized the gravity of this one little question. The fact that I'll be there for the small stuff, like the lifelong debate of blue's clue's gynch or spiderman, means he can know that I'll be there and I'll definately care about the Big things, like the first girl that comes around or waiting for that Godly woman who will submit in love and follow God wholeheartedly.

I love being a Momma, and I love it even more knowing that I'm on a team with our heavenly father, he sees the big picture and it's exciting to know that he gave me a little peak today!

Thank you Lord for helping me today and everyday. You are SO faithful, I know that you will always carry us and I look forward to my next peak!

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Tommy Boy said...


I just about cried... getting your post on my Blog and then reading through your ENTIRE Blog.

I miss you all SOOOOO MUCH it's hard to express it with capital "O's"

I'm sorry about the Rosella, it has been a while since I saw Nacho, but now that you mentioned it they do look very familiar.

Being here in Australia has been one of the best experiences of my life, but also at times one of the most lonely. I feel like I'm missing out on "my life" back home with all of you. That you're all "growing up" without me. Mostly that means all the kids :) but all the adults too.

I think about you all often, wishing there was some way I could share more of this with you.

Hopefully you are enjoying my Blog and following as best I can describe for you my adventures down under.


Tommy Boy