Friday, September 24, 2010


I finally did it! I finally made a fire in the wood stove! We have had wood heat for around seven years and this is the first time I've made the fire. I know it's almost too pathetic to be proud of. Oh well.

It just goes to show that Mr.Superfantastic loves to take care of me. But right now, he's taking care of some other people (with my very happy blessing) so I get to take care of him while he's here. Now just to figure out how to move the greenhouse for him? It just requires some big guys. It's not even on a foundation.
In the mean time I'm going to make these muffins and sew some new wipes today. While Joe is mostly potty trained, I do still have Travis in diapers and in about 26 weeks there will be a new little tush to change around here. Only a month left until I can tell you if it will be a boy tush or a girl tush. Yes, we are going to find out this time, Lord willing.

I made these muffins last night and they've been a hit this morning. I made them without the chocolate chips and used water instead of milk. I also used coconut sugar and coconut oil.


Lollie said...

Yay!!! I totally know that feeling! I was in tears and praying my face off before mine started and finally didn't go out on me!
It does feel really good!!

Sarena said...

Haha! Thank you Lollie! It's good to know I'm not the only one!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I LOVE wood heat! So wonderful. Looking forward to hearing about your ultrasound in a month! So exciting!!

Sarena said...

Thank you Jen! We are also very excited for the ultrasound!