Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 weeks? Oh my.

So I'm around 10 weeks. But I look like I'm about four months. Now granted this is my 6th baby and I guess things are moving into postition to accomidate my growing uterus, but I'm wondering if this is going to be another pregnancy like Ephrim's. After the small bellies with Joe and Travis, I'm not looking forward to another monster pregnancy. I've already gained close to ten pounds, also something I'm not used to doing, I usually don't gain anything in the first trimester. After working hard to lose weight it's hard to see it pile back on at rapid speed. Oh well, I lost it once I can do it again, it is completely worth it to be blessed with another Wiebelette!

I have to be honest I have really struggled through the morning sickness this time. I have gone on Diclectin, this is the second pregnancy I have done it with. I'm managing to take only one pill a day but am still exhausted and sick off and on, but much better than without it. I am looking forward to the half way mark and some energy!

But there is joy still! My children are full of it (joy that is) even when I'm having a hard time, and I'm finding I am slowly getting back on top of things with the house. They are so excited for another sibling. And while everyone else is hoping for a girl this time (we are hoping to find out what we're having) Emma insists she wants another brother.
It's up and down, good days and bad. But all in all I am thankful!
I just don't know how Michelle Duggar did it!


starla said...

you look great! nice phone by the way, wink wink

Mrs. Wilson said...

You look amazing!!! I'm so excited for you and your new Wiebelette!

I have NO IDEA how Michelle Duggar did it either. And she has more patience than ANYONE I KNOW. Have you read their book? It's good.

I imagined that Emma would want a sister! But then, maybe she ENJOYS being the only girl! Either way, a new baby is definitely a blessing!!

Sarena said...

Thank you Starla and Jen!

Anonymous said...

That's one impressive, beautiful belly!