Sunday, November 22, 2009

A lesson in Tact

We were discussing a character in a movie, it was a catapillar that was very fat and ate all the time with the excuse that it needed all that food for it's transformation into a "beautiful butterfly" most of you with kids will know what movie this is. In the end it hatches into an obese butterfly with inty bity wings.

Emma: " Was the butterfly beautiful Mom?"
Adon: "No it was fat."
Me: "Things can be fat and beautiful."
Adon: "Like you"

Thankfully I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm fat and often discuss it with my children. I don't want it to be taboo and I want them to see my weaknesses and my struggle to master them. So I laughed! Really it was meant to be a compliment. Hopefully he'll marry a good natured woman!

Or a skinny one ;)


Dawn said...

Don't you love kids? My sisters little guy told his mom one time when he was sick that he wished she was fat like me so she could cuddle better. I laughed so hard! And you are beautiful just so you know :)

Lollie said...

Oh! hahaha, yes my children have done that to me too. Such lovely little things aren't they. I think his comment was something like "Mom are you pregnant again?" I said "No it's just my gut" he said "Well I guess you better do something about that then eh?" I just laugh as well. It was more embarassing when my one child said "Grandma your butt is HUGE!!!" That I did not laugh, I turned very red!

melissa said...

Um, okay, you are not fat! But it's good to hear you could laugh over it. I was just out shopping for postpartum jeans with Grace who is 10.5 yrs. I put back one shirt because it emphasized my belly pudge too much. Grace said "I noticed you have some of that pudge on you sides too." I had to laugh and say, "I sure do!"