Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*GASP* she's blogging!

So I made a few things for my fabulous neighbor Carla and I wanted to post them.
I made her a tea inspired gift, since she likes tea. At least she always asks me if I want tea so I'm assuming that she likes tea... hopefully.
So I found her some vintage coffe cups at the thrift store and put them in a basket with some BEAUTIFUL tea that I found at Save-on-Foods (thank you Joni, the silk tea bags made me want to like tea)and some other "tea" stuff.

The "STASH" tea things (see I don't even know tea terminology) are not the tea that I gave her. They are just from my tea collection that is as old as Adon(possibly older) I always asked myself why on earth I still had it and now I know, to model Carla's tea wallet! I used this tutorial to make the tea wallet and used this tutorial to silk screen the tree onto the outside. I know that Carla must love trees since she has a giant one tatoo(d, ed) on her back. It's impressive. Hopefully she isn't sick of trees because she has one on her body, but I figure since it's on her back she probably doesn't get to look at it much, maybe her fiance Eric (I almost called him the "Fine Fiance Eric" but then realized some people may think I have a crush on him, which I do not, in case you were wondering) will hate the tree tea bag. HAHA I love it!

I also made her a coordinating tea towel and put her fabulous silky bagged tea into a coordinating drawstring bag which also matched ;) I didn't follow a tutorial for the tea towel... sorry, I'm also not going to give you one :)

I just have to say that I'm in love with silk screening. I used this(scroll down on the page) tree embroidery pattern from Lollychops (please read her blog she is the funnest person to read!) and printed it in mini. I will be silk screening many things.... I only wish I knew more people who liked tea :( There is also a business card wallet in this pattern... I may have to whip up a few of those for my entrepreneurial spirited friends.


Ruth said...

OH MY WORD!!!! THE TREE IS BEAUTIFUL (well done on the tea wallet as well..lol) That is SOOOOO COOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay you're back! I check every day just in case lol! You are very talented! from Crystal Collier! :)

Jaclyn said...

Well I do enjoy a good cup of tea...about 8 times a day now :D

I am sure Carla will love that. Its beautiful!

Lollie said...

Love it!!

Jenny said...

I am only a tea drinker.
You should make a few of those(different colours) and sell them at the farmer's market. I'd probably buy quite a few as I know a few people who drink tea, and my bil owns a coffee and tea house.

starla said...

so great!! do you remember that huge tree wall hanging that i covet at ten thousand villages every year? Could i make one by silkscreening?