Sunday, June 14, 2009


Okay lets see if I can remember all the questions

Jenny-"Was it hard getting the permit to sell the chickens? I heard there's a lot of rigamole to go through. "
We didn't get the permit. We are taking the chickens to rosswood and there is a woman there who has the permit and we will be paying her to slaughter the chickens and eviserate them. Each order of chickens will have a tag on it with her government issued number on it.

Joni- "Do you purchase non antibiotic feed? .. just wondering because most feeds have the antibiotics in it." The bag of feed says "non-medicated" and I dont' add anything to their feed or water in way of medication.
"and can you tell us more about the hot mash? i have never heard of it for chickens."
The hot mash is a combination of grains (it has apparently has flax too) you boil it in water to make it nice and soft and this gets more water into the birds and breaks down the food so that they digest more of it instead of just pooping it out. I'm really excited about doing this!

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